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Avdhut Anil Sutar
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Corporate Lawyer in Pune

Welcome to Trident Legal, your trusted partner in all corporate legal problems in Pune. Led by Advocate Nikhil Rathod the Best Corporate Lawyer in Pune. Trident Legal is a respected law company specializing in corporate law, offering professional advice and representation to companies and people around Pune. As the only corporate lawyer in the business, Advocate Nikhil Rathod combines years of expertise and a comprehensive grasp of corporate law to cater to your unique legal requirements.

Corporate Lawyer in Pune: 

When negotiating the complexity of corporate law in Pune, there is no better option than Trident Legal. As the premier corporate lawyer in Pune, Advocate Nikhil Rathod is famous for his keen legal acumen, excellent problem-solving abilities, and unrelenting devotion to his clients.


Our staff at Trident Legal is devoted to offering top-notch legal solutions suited to each client’s circumstances. Whether you are a startup seeking help on business formation, an established firm wanting compliance assistance, or a corporation engaging in a merger or acquisition, our knowledge spans a broad range of corporate legal concerns.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Lawyer in Pune:

Selecting the correct corporate lawyer is a key choice that may substantially affect your business’s profitability and legal security. Here are some crucial aspects to consider while hiring the finest corporate lawyer in Pune:

  1. Expertise: Look for a lawyer with specific knowledge in corporate law, like Advocate Nikhil Rathod, who has a demonstrated track record of resolving complex corporate legal concerns.
  2. Reputation: A lawyer’s reputation speaks volumes about professionalism and dependability. Trident Legal takes pleasure in its flawless reputation and countless success stories.
  3. Customer Reviews: Pay attention to customer reviews and testimonials to measure the satisfaction level of prior clientele. Trident Legal has gained recognition for its client-centric approach and favorable results.
  4. Communication: Effective communication is vital in legal problems. A professional corporate lawyer should be an excellent listener and communicator, ensuring you are well-informed.
  5. Fees and Transparency: Transparent charge structures and billing processes are vital. At Trident Legal, we believe in total openness, assuring no hidden expenses or surprises.

Latest News about Corporate Law in India: 

  1. The government has proposed revisions to the Companies Act 2013. The reforms seek to streamline the corporate law framework and make it more investor-friendly. Some of the significant suggested modifications include: 
    1. Relaxation of the rules for small firms
    2. Introduction of a new type of firm termed “professional companies.”
    3. Streamlining the process of mergers and acquisitions
    4. Strengthening of corporate governance principles
  2. The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) has ordered the dissolution of many enterprises. The NCLT has ordered the liquidation of enterprises in many areas, including infrastructure, manufacturing, and real estate. The liquidation orders have been granted for numerous causes, including financial difficulty, mismanagement, and fraud.
  3. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has announced new initial public offers (IPOs) criteria. The new criteria seek to enhance the quality of IPOs and safeguard the interests of investors. Some of the important provisions of the new guidelines include:
    1. A requirement for enterprises to have a minimum track record of three years before they may register for an IPO
    2. A mandate for corporations to publish more information about their financials and company activities
    3. A need for firms to employ an independent value analyst

Law Amendment Related to Corporate Law: 

  • The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017: This amendment included numerous new clauses, including:
    1. A new class of corporations termed “small companies” with simplified compliance requirements
    2. A new provision for shareholder voting on related party transactions
    3. A new provision for the nomination of independent directors
  • The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2019: This amendment included numerous new sections, including:
    1. A new provision for the nomination of a woman director on the board of every listed firm
    2. A new provision for the publication of information on political donations made by firms
    3. A new provision for the appointment of a compliance officer by every firm
  • The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020: This amendment included numerous new sections, including:
    1. A new provision for the appointment of a managing director or whole-time director by a firm
    2. A new provision for the publishing of data of related party transactions on the company’s website
    3. A new provision for the employment of an internal auditor by every firm

These are only some of India’s most important revisions to corporate law in recent years. For further information, visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs websites and the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

Here are some of the significant changes that have been made to corporate law in India in recent years:

  1. Relaxation of the standards for small enterprises: The Enterprises (Amendment) Act of 2017 formed a new class called “small companies” with lower compliance obligations. This implies that small firms are not needed to comply with all of the rules of the Firms Act 2013.
  2. Introduction of a new class of firms called “professional companies”: The Firms (Amendment) Act of 2019 created a new class of companies called “professional companies.” Professionals develop professional businesses to carry out professional activities. Professional firms are subject to various laws and regulations than regular companies.
  3. Streamlining the mergers and acquisitions procedure: The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2020, improved the process. This implies that merging or purchasing a firm is now easier and faster.
  4. Strengthening corporate governance rules: The Companies (Amendment) Act, 2017, enhanced corporate governance requirements. This implies that corporations must now have a stronger board of directors and provide more information to their shareholders.

What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

Corporate attorneys are crucial in providing legal advice and representation to firms ranging from startups to global enterprises. Here are some major roles of a corporate lawyer:

  1. Drafting and revising legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and corporate policies.
  2. Assisting with company establishment, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate restructuring.
  3. Ensuring conformity with local, national, and international rules and regulations.
  4. Handling intellectual property concerns, licensing, and brand registration.
  5. Representing clients in negotiations, mediation, and litigation, where required.

How to Become a Corporate Lawyer:

A good corporate lawyer demands diligence and a solid educational background. Here are the steps to begin a career in corporate law:

  1. Educational Background: Obtain a Bachelor’s degree in law (LLB) from a recognized institution or law school.
  2. specialty: Pursue a specialty in corporate law during post-graduation (LLM) to get an in-depth understanding of the topic.
  3. Internships and Experience: Gain practical experience via internships and clerkships at law firms or corporate legal departments.
  4. Networking: Build a strong network within the legal community to investigate employment prospects and professional improvement.

Importance of Corporate Law: 

Corporate law constitutes the backbone of every corporation, assuring legal compliance, preserving stakeholders’ interests, and providing a favorable atmosphere for development. Sound corporate legal guidance helps shield organizations against dangers and conflicts, boosting their long-term performance and sustainability.

Services We Provide:


If you seek the top corporate lawyer in Pune, go as far as Trident Legal. Under the skilled supervision of Advocate Nikhil Rathod, our company has developed a strong reputation for offering superior legal solutions to clients throughout the corporate spectrum. Whether you need help with company creation, compliance, or representation in litigation, Trident Legal stands ready to serve you with expertise and honesty.


Contact Details: Address: Khopade Nagar, Katraj, Pune, 411041 Phone: +91-820-890-9423 Email:

Corporate Lawyer in Pune: Get the Legal Help You Need for Your Business


What areas of corporate law does Advocate Nikhil Rathod concentrate on?

Advocate Nikhil Rathod specializes in corporate governance, contract law, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate litigation.

Does Trident Legal give aid to entrepreneurs in Pune?

Yes, Trident Legal is well-equipped to offer legal support to startups, including company creation, IP protection, and regulatory compliance.

Can Trident Legal represent corporations in dispute resolution?

Absolutely. Advocate Nikhil Rathod has vast expertise in corporate litigation and can assist corporations in dispute resolution problems.

How can I arrange a consultation with Advocate Nikhil Rathod?

You may book a consultation with Advocate Nikhil Rathod by contacting our office by phone or Email.

Is Trident Legal's price structure competitive?

Trident Legal provides competitive and transparent pricing structures to guarantee client satisfaction.

Can Trident Legal handle international corporate matters?

Advocate Nikhil Rathod has expertise with international corporate issues, including cross-border transactions.

How long does settling a corporate legal problem normally take?

The length of settling a corporate legal dispute varies depending on the case's complexity. Advocate Nikhil Rathod strives for efficient and fast resolutions.

Does Trident Legal give legal training to corporate teams?

Yes, Trident Legal provides legal training and seminars geared to suit the unique requirements of corporate teams.

Is Trident Legal acquainted with corporate compliance requirements?

Advocate Nikhil Rathod maintains informed with the newest corporate compliance regulations to advise clients successfully.

Can Trident Legal serve both startups and established corporations?

Trident Legal delivers full legal solutions to startups and established enterprises.


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