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Welcome to Trident Legal, your go-to place for all your family law needs in Pune. Led by Advocate Nikhil Rathod and our experienced family lawyers, our team offers tailored legal solutions and personalized assistance for individuals and families navigating various legal hurdles. We recognize the sensitivity associated with family matters, so our lawyers aim to offer compassionate guidance while remaining unwaveringly supportive throughout this complex legal journey.

Advocate Nikhil Rathod stands out as an outstanding family lawyer in Pune with extensive knowledge and experience in family law. Our firm ensures clients receive top legal representation when facing divorce, child custody issues, domestic violence or any other family-related matter – protecting rights while offering tailored solutions tailored to meet specific requirements for every case.

Family Law in India:

Family law encompasses an array of legal issues related to relationships and family matters. This field encompasses marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, property settlement and more. Family law in India is predominantly governed by religion-specific legislation and secular statutes such as the Hindu Marriage Act, Special Marriage Act, Guardians & Wards Act, and Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act.

Choosing the Best Family Lawyer:

Finding an appropriate family lawyer in Pune is vital in protecting your legal rights and advancing your interests effectively. When selecting one, be mindful of their experience, specialization in family law, track record of success, client testimonials, and personalized attention given to cases as well as track record. Trident Legal’s team of dedicated family lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of family law and strives to secure positive outcomes for our clients.

When selecting a family lawyer, several key considerations must be considered.

  1. Experience:Make sure the lawyer you select has extensive knowledge of family law. 
  2. Communication:Ensure that communication between both of you is effortless.
  3. Cost:Estimating the lawyer’s fees before hiring them is wise.

Services Offered by Trident Legal:

  1. Divorce Lawyer in Pune: Our highly experienced divorce lawyers provide expert guidance and representation for those in the midst of or pursuing divorce, whether filing petitions for them or dealing with issues such as property division, alimony payments, and child custody matters during this trying time. We assist with petition filing, property division issues, and child custody matters for a smooth transition through this challenging stage in life.
  2. Child Custody Lawyer in Pune: At our law firm in Pune, we recognize the significance of child custody matters and work tirelessly to safeguard children’s best interests. Our child custody lawyers offer strategic advocacy on our client’s behalf to obtain favourable custody arrangements and visitation rights for custody cases requiring litigation.
  3. Domestic Violence Protection in Pune: Our dedicated team provides legal aid and protection to domestic violence victims. We assist them with securing restraining orders, filing complaints, ensuring safety for themselves and ensuring their wellbeing is ensured.
  4. Adoption Lawyer in Pune: At our adoption law firm in Pune, our adoption lawyers assist prospective parents throughout the adoption process by adhering to all legal requirements and helping facilitate it smoothly – without complications!
  5. Property Settlement in Divorce Cases in Pune: Our lawyers specialize in property settlement to ensure an equitable division of marital assets during divorce proceedings, offering sound legal advice regarding property rights and entitlements during this phase.
  6. Child Support Lawyer in Pune: At our firm, we help clients navigate child support matters by assessing a child’s financial needs and advocating for fair and suitable arrangements regarding child support payments.
  7. Guardianship Lawyer in Pune: At our guardianship law firms in Pune, our legal guardianship services assist clients in creating legal guardianship arrangements for minors or adults who cannot care for themselves. We ensure that any appointed ward can receive proper support and protection.
  8. Marriage Registration Service in Pune: We offer efficient and hassle-free marriage registration services by legal formalities, producing valid marriage certificates efficiently and seamlessly.
  9. Property Division Lawyer in Pune: Our property division law firm in Pune has expertise in handling complex cases involving ownership, contributions and value evaluation to ensure a just distribution of assets.
  10. Spousal Support Lawyer in Pune: Our law firm in Pune specializes in matters about spousal support (alimony or maintenance). This enables our clients to gain financial security both during and post-divorce.

Latest News Related Family Law.

Recently, India’s Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have equal rights with opposite-sex couples regarding family law issues, meaning same-sex couples may now marry, adopt children and file for divorce like other couples. This decision will have major ramifications on family law since same-sex couples can now marry, adopt children and file for divorce just like other couples.

India recently passed a new law that makes it simpler for women to obtain a divorce, with women’s rights groups applauding this initiative as it allows for an easier escape from abusive relationships.

Family Law Amendments in India:

The Indian government is contemplating changes to family law that aim to meet the needs of modern families more accurately. Some amendments include making divorce easier for couples and providing greater rights for women in cases of separation or divorce.

It is protecting children’s rights when there is divorce.

What Are My Legal Obligations Under Family Law in India? 

Family law encompasses many areas, such as marriage, divorce, separation, child custody, adoption, maintenance payments and property division. Our team of family lawyers has extensive knowledge in each of these fields to provide our clients with a tailored legal service specifically for their individual needs. 

Important Legislation Regarding Family Law:

  1. The Hindu Marriage Act (1955)
  2. Special Marriage Act (1954) 
  3. Indian Divorce Act (1869)
  4. Child Marriage Restraint Act of 1929 
  5. Dowry Prohibition Act 1961.
  6. The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005.

Why Should you choose Trident Legal?

  1. Expertise and Experience:Our family law specialists have vast expertise in handling various cases. Leveraging this experience, they offer effective solutions and deliver favourable client outcomes.
  2. Customized Attention:Our firm recognizes that each case is distinct and prioritizes providing tailored care to every client. Our team takes the time to learn your circumstances, concerns and goals so our legal strategies align with your best interests.
  3. Empathy and Support:Family law matters can be emotionally taxing. Trident Legal offers compassionate guidance and unflinching support so you can navigate the legal process with confidence and peace of mind.
  4. Results-Oriented Approach:Our team is committed to helping clients realize positive results. We employ a strategic and results-oriented approach backed by extensive research, meticulous preparation, and persuasive advocacy.
  5. Transparency:Our firm prioritizes open and honest client communications. Our team ensures you’re regularly informed of your case’s status while providing clear explanations for legal processes and options available to you.

Services We Provide:

Family Lawyer in Pune


Trident Legal understands the significance of efficiently and compassionately resolving family law matters; with our experienced team of family lawyers, comprehensive service offerings, and client-centric approach, we aim to deliver exceptional legal representation to individuals and families in Pune. You can trust us to uphold your rights, guide you through difficult times, and secure a favourable resolution of your family law concerns – so contact us now and arrange a consultation appointment!

Family Lawyer in Pune: Get the Legal Help You Need


What does a family lawyer do?

A family lawyer in Pune specializes in legal matters related to family law, including divorce, child custody, adoption, property division, and more. They provide legal advice, representation, and mediation services to individuals facing family-related legal challenges.

Why do I need a family lawyer in Pune?

A family lawyer can be essential in helping you navigate through complex family law issues and protect your rights and interests during divorce, child custody disputes, or property matters. Their expertise ensures that you make informed decisions that benefit you and your family.

How do I choose the right family lawyer in Pune for my case?

When selecting a family lawyer in Pune, consider their experience in family law, communication skills, reputation, and client reviews. Advocate Nikhil Rathod and the team at Trident Legal are renowned for their proficiency and compassionate approach to family law matters.

Can a family lawyer assist with child custody matters in Pune?

Yes, family lawyers in Pune, like those at Trident Legal, have extensive experience in handling child custody cases. They work diligently to protect the best interests of the child while advocating for your rights as a parent.

What services does a family lawyer offer for divorce cases in Pune?

A family lawyer can guide you through the entire divorce process, including property division, alimony, child custody, and child support matters. They can also help you negotiate settlements and represent you in court if necessary.

How does mediation work in family law cases in Pune?

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method where a neutral mediator facilitates communication between parties to reach amicable agreements. Family lawyers at Trident Legal can represent you during mediation sessions, aiming for peaceful resolutions.

Can a family lawyer assist with property disputes in Pune?

Yes, family lawyers at Trident Legal can help you with property disputes, whether it's related to matrimonial property division or inheritance issues. They work diligently to safeguard your rights and ensure fair settlements.

What role does a family lawyer play in adoption cases in Pune?

A family lawyer plays a crucial role in adoption cases, assisting you with the legal formalities and court processes involved in adopting a child. Advocate Nikhil Rathod and the team at Trident Legal provide comprehensive guidance for a smooth adoption process.

How can I discuss my family law matter with a lawyer at Trident Legal in Pune?

To discuss your family law matter with a lawyer at Trident Legal, you can schedule an initial consultation by contacting them through their website, phone, or email. They will attentively listen to your concerns and provide expert guidance.

What sets Trident Legal apart as a family lawyer in Pune?

Trident Legal stands out as a leading family lawyer in Pune due to their deep understanding of family law, personalized approach, and dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for their clients. Advocate Nikhil Rathod and his team are committed to providing the best legal representation and support for all your family law needs.


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